Photography Today International is a consortium of web based publications dedicated to fine art photography and fine photojournalism and websites of individual photographers. The primary criteria are a consistent level of quality - in both design and content - freshness and unique taste. We hope that you will find the range of images and points of view within these sites satisfying, informative and moving.
We are not adding any individual artists to the photo-today website, the emphasis will be on online photography magazines and galleries:

Revue Created in 1996 by ten French photographers from the fields of journalism, publishing and advertising, ReVue is a photography magazine favoring the documentary genre with an emphasis on people and places. Includes several image areas, such as theme of the month, portfolios, stories, photographic interpretations of heaven, and illustrated exhibition notices.

- Pierre de Vallombreuse "PEUPLES"
- Elina Brotherus "Model Studies"
- Rivages by Pierre Garçonnat
- Portraits by Tina Mérandon
- Sur y Estar by Matthieu Nicol
- 175 Meters par Gilles Sabrié
- Instant Women by Lucia Nimcova
- Boundaries are everywhere by Philippe Brault
- Illusion, by Dolorès Marat

Chambre Noire Chambre Noire is a French web magazine showing collective and individual works from four photojournalists and their guests. Updated every month the site contents mainly black and white pictures about Paris's 18th district (Montmartre, la Goutte d'Or, Simplon...) which is a melting pot with its own specific identity. This cosmopolitan culture is also an introduction to other photo subjects from the whole world.

- Anti-IVG par Thierry Nectoux
- Série Américaine par Daniel Anizon
- Venise par François Le Diascorn
- L'empire des enfants par François Goudier
- Nude par Zaklina Radovanovic

PhotoArts PhotoArts is a comprehensive resource for contemporary and classic fine art photography. It offers, in addition, a marketplace for photography galleries, photojournalism and reviews, an extensive calendar of photography exhibitions worldwide (in collaboration with ArtIndex/France) and an online discussion forum.

- Shannon Taggart : Tyburn Convent
- Tuomas Virtanen : Excerpts
- Alain Hanel : Ballets
- Tim Sager : Pinhole Photographs
- "Spirit of the Gija" by Roger Foley
- Instruments of Death Systems of war by Per Volquartz
- Interchangeable Disturbances by Mayumi Kimura
- Jeremy Webb  T O R C H L I G H T
- Jane Fulton Alt : Southern Exposures
- Kate's New York Diary

Tangophoto Tangophoto: an eye blick to the dance, to the life and to the photographer who is in touch with the reality. One move, an attitude in front of the world and photography, who shared Tangophoto's members. Our collective created in 1995 by six independants' photographers is a place to promote and diffuse a consencious photography. Nathalie Desserme, Frederic Jacquemot, Olivier Thebaud and Cyrille Weiner in Paris, Thierry Kleiner in Switzerland and Pablo Carrera Oser in Argentina.

Southeast London 2003-2004 by Nathalie Desserme. Ordinary days by Jan Michalko. On the way to Europe by Thierry Kleiner. Memoirs. (Poland) by Olivier Thébaud. Cyprus by Cyrille Weiner. Memoires Vietcongs. (Slideshow) by Fred Jacquemot. England Urban landscapes by Nathalie Desserme. “No title” (2000-2003) by Hisashi Murayama.

RedTop RedTop shows the work top-class photographers and photojournalists emphasizing stories rather than individual iconographic pictures - a response to the decreasing amount of space in print for the 'classic' photo stories. Some of the stories are accompanied by sound files - either commentaries by the photographers themselves or 'live' sound recorded during the shoot. The site is updated every two months with four new stories. Contributors so far include Shepard Sherbell, Andrew Testa, and Antonio Olmos.

-Virginia Woods-Jack : Portrayal of adolescence
-Gautier Deblonde : Making of Lynne Ramsay's movie Morvern Callar
-Matthew Somorjay : Story of memory and the passing of time
-Jo Broughton : Portraits of virgins

Visuelimage A platform for images and visual creations, is the place for information about contemporary artistic creation. Painting, digital images, photography, video... all forms of visual expression are here for you to enjoy. In our seven columns you will find over a thousand links to websites representing the cultural and information world's most exciting innovators. The links are divided into eight categories: top-ranked and must-see websites, institutions, organizations, art centers, media, art galleries, artists, events, cybercafés, search engines, directories, and useful links. Antonio Recalcati : Verso le dossier, A propos de "HARDCORE" L'engagement n'est pas l'hacktivisme, La contestation politique est-elle soluble dans l'art et inversement ?, Contresens, Porno art, Sorti(e)s d'école et autodidactes, Valérie Favre, Stephan Balkenhol : la société anonyme, CINEMA : L'exception culturelle française, et bien d'autres articles…
Luz Blanca Créé au début de l'année 2003 à Bruxelles, Belgique, le collectif Luz Blanca est enfin présent sur Internet. Nous sommes 5 photographes issus d'univers différents (une photographe de mode, deux photoreporters, une vidéaste-photographe, deux "artistes" dont un en résidence à la ville de Bruxelles) et désireux de mettre cette différence au service d'un questionnement sociétal commun ; nous avons par exemple choisi de parler du suicide (une galerie est visible dans l'espace "les carnets de Luz Blanca") et préparons un travail sur la prostitution en contact avec des associations d'aide aux prostituées ; cette partie collective de notre travail ne nous empêche pas de développer des univers très personnels et eux aussi très différents. - Suicide - Carnet de voyage - Collectif
- Petits Meurtres 1à 4 - Stéphanie Friedli
- Hermanovce - Dominique Henry
- Dance - Pascale Leconte
- May - Annabel Sougné
- Mali 2003 - Manuel Versean
Olivier Roller

Olivier Roller
> je photographie des gens, on appelle cela « du portrait »
> je travaille pour :
- la presse (portraits d’écrivains, de cinéastes, d’hommes politiques pour
des journaux comme Libération, Télérama et Le monde)
> des projets d’exposition et d’édition :
- la muette: série sur ma mère
- portrait de ma génération
- mes dimanches (ce qu’on fait quand on ne fait rien)
> j’ai un projet de livre, intimiste, une espèce de poésie visuelle, ce sont
des bouts d’image
> -photographies : commandes + travaux personnels - archives : liste mise à jour - ouvrages parus - contact, achat de tirages, press book

-"dimanches", nouvelles photos et nouvelle mise en espace

-portraits de banquiers

-nouveaux portraits : Pierre Autin-Grenier, Yves Simon, Laurent Fabius, Gilbert Melki, Jeff Koons